Quest for the Quetzal

This is a tour that is done early in the morning, right after dawn, which is the time when quetzals go to look for their food. The walk to where they feed can be a short walk, however the whole tour can last sometimes up to 2 hours.

Walk in the forest
Puente en Sendero

This is a walk to learn and to enjoy! It’s difficulty rate is not strenous, however you do need to have a good physical condition. It is a walk to see birds, to see amazing huge and old trees, to see flowers and to breath in life!  Ussually done after breakfasts or in the afternoon.

Trout fishing

We have a lagoon full of trouts and they are ready to be caught and serve you as a delicious lunch! The setting of the trout pond is really beautiful and is surrounded by a lush forest.