The Serrano Family

The Serrano Family has been the owner of the Mirador de Quetzales Lodge in the Cloud Forest since the early 90s …

They have owned the land, where the Mirador de Quetzales Lodge is, since 1948 and now this is the result of their life process, a dream made true

The story the family and Mirador de Quetzales Lodge goes back to those days when Eddy Serrano married young and beautiful Leonor. They were young, he was bold and full of dreams.

Like in any romantic novel Eddy was a tall, strong and handsome young man. And she was petite and sweet.  They got married and started living in between two volcanoes: The Turrialba and the Irazu Volcanoes… Fertile soils, chilly and foggy areas… Highlands.  However, in those days the Irazu Volcano was starting to wake up after a long dormant period.

The rumbling of the volcano sounded like an underground road with hundreds of oxcarts passing through it. And Leonor started to feel very afraid, day after day. It was an isolated, chilly and noisy trembling area.

Too much to take, for a young girl that was beginning to form a family, there, where the Mirador de Quetzales Lodge is.

Eddy, on the other hand, was working for a relative’s dairy farm. But he was always talking about getting some land of their own. It had been a long term dream and Leonor knew that more than a dream this became an obsession for the young man.

Finally, one day, he went to visit a friend, who lived in the Southern part of the Panamerican Highway. Kilometer 70.

The Panamerican Highway was then a dirt road. And the rich alpine landscapes of the costarring highlands known now as “Los Santos” was in those days a foggy cold jungle, with huge oaks and moldy animal trails. It was not just a gap between the gigantic trees and the gloomy ferns covered in moss.

By then, Eddy had a very certain dream and he kept telling Leonor about it… “Some day I will build some cabanas here… (Mirador de Quetzales Lodge) and we will have people coming to stay with us.

He was working as a policeman in Cartago and she stayed long terms of time all by herself with all the children, who couldn’t even afford to wear rubber boots.

One day a man came to her hut… She had nothing to eat and only boiling water in the wood stove: he said that he had some tourists with him and asked if they could come with him to see her family and the surrounding cloud forest.

They came and not only gave the children the sandwiches that they had for them but also went to the nearby town and brought rubber boots for all, as well as more food and toys… She just couldn’t believe their luck.

This first tour guide, who’s named she does not recall, came a couple more times, and more people came along… Eddy saw his dream coming through.

And he started building the nowadays reception area, for Mirador de Quetzales Lodge,  with a couple of rooms in it.

That was simply the beginning of a dream, that came true for him, for her and for the whole family; The Mirador de Quetzales Lodge.