Mirador de Quetzales

We are a natural sanctuary for wildlife in the highlands of Cerro de la Muerte!

We are known for our excellent service and quality of care . In our extensive trails, you can view the life of Quetzales in a close and self- guided guides that will make this an unforgettable experience

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The Impressive Quetzal Welcomes you!

The most impressive bird of the Americas welcomes you to the highlands of Costa Rica. The most authentic and beautiful of this fantastic country it is here. Here is where this and other birds live and reproduce. You can buy an entrance to the trails and live the absorbing sensation of pure astonishing.

Our Cabins

All of the rooms have a fantastic view, they are surrounded by nature, they have a heater, blankets, and hot water showers.

Little Cabins

  • These cabins have an incredible view with a double bed and an individual bed, a heater, a table, two chairs and a hot water shower. There are a couple of rooms close to the restaurant, but the vast majority are upstairs where the greater view is.

Double Cabins

  • These rooms are double with a little panoramic balcony, really close to the parking spaces and the entrance for the trails in the tropical jungle. All of them count with a double bed, a table, a little closet, a heater and two chairs.

Family Rooms

  • These rustic rooms count with two floors. In the first one, there are two individual beds, a hot shower and a bath, a heater, extra blankets, a little closet and two chairs. In the second floor, there is a double bed and an individual bed, a heater and blankets.
Our Tours
The Quetzal walk

It is about a journey early in the morning, just after dawn, when the Quetzals go out for their food. La walk to where they eat, it a journey for itself! The walk last around two hours.

Walk in search of the Quetzal

It is about a walk to learn and enjoy! The journey is an easy difficulty one, but still, you have to have some good physical condition. It’s a journey to see the birds and the impressive trees all around, the flowers and breath life! The tour is made with a minimum of four persons and the guide, or as well, it can be a self-guide tour, at 6 am or as well in some other schedules, depending on the ambient load.

Ours Recommended Packages

The best price for two nights, enjoy the forest, the cottage, the food, the chimney, and the habitual sweetness of the Serrano Family, the prices per night are $70 (basic) and $82 with dinner.